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Storage Instructions and Shelf Life:

What should I do when I receive my Hofmeister Ham/Smoked Turkey?
As soon as your Hofmeister Ham/Smoked Turkey has arrived, it is fresh to ensure the highest quality and taste of the product, so refrigerate it immediately in its heavy-duty Cry-o-Vac vacuum sealed bag. We recommend using the product within 10 days for best quality, however it will last for 5 weeks refrigerated and unopened in its original Cry-o-Vac bag.

Are you products fully cooked?
Yes, all of our Hofmeister Hams and Hofmeister Smoked Turkeys are fully cooked. You may open the vacuum sealed bag and begin eating or warm the product and serve promptly.

How do I serve my Hofmeister Ham?
Hofmeister Hams are fully-cooked and ready to serve. If serving at room temperature, take out your Hofmeister Ham product approximately 45 minutes prior to serving and allow the product to reach room temperature.
If heating and/or glazing follow the instructions here. We have also included for your convenience a “Carving it Up” diagram on how to carve a Bone-In Ham here.

How long will my Hofmeister Ham/Smoked Turkey keep?
We recommend using your Hofmeister Ham/Smoked Turkey product within 10 days of receiving it for best quality, however Hofmeister products will last five weeks refrigerated if kept unopened in its original vacuum sealed bag.
If there are leftovers, refrigerate portions (tightly sealed with aluminum foil placed in an airtight plastic bag) that are going to be consumed within a week otherwise freeze immediately.
To freeze, wrap tightly in aluminum foil and place in an airtight plastic bag. Your Hofmeister Ham/Smoked Turkey LEFTOVERS can be frozen up to 45 days. After thawing, product should be consumed within 2 days.

Can my Hofmeister Ham/Smoked Turkey be frozen?
Yes, your Hofmeister Ham/Smoked Turkey can be frozen. However, we do not recommend freezing unless it will not be consumed within 5 weeks, as freezing can affect the quality and mouth-feel of the product. If frozen, your Hofmeister Ham/Smoked Turkey will last 3 months.

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